Invasive Forest Pest Outreach


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Since 2016 and under a grant from the the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, Maine Soil & Water Conservation Districts have been presenting programs for the Invasive Forest Pest Outreach Project – as well as hosting displays at fairs and other events – throughout the state.

Since 2009, with funds provided in part by a grant from the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Maine DACF has been educating Maine citizens about invasive pests. Maine conservation districts are now taking up that outreach to educate the public and municipalities about the threats of non-native forest pests:

  • Those that occur in Maine: hemlock woolly adelgid, elongated hemlock scale, winter moth, gypsy moth, and browntail moth. Browntail moth caterpillars not only defoliate trees, but contact with toxic hairs can cause severe dermatitis and respiratory problems.
  • Those pests that do not YET occur in Maine, but are close by in MA and NH are Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer.
  • We will be offering presentations and attending fairs throughout the year to educate interested folks about these forest threats.
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Forest Pest Presentations are designed to help landowners and users, landscape and forest professionals, and all residents of the state to

  • identify current and potential invasive forest pests and their host species,
  • to understand the threats to our forests and woodlands posed by these pests, and
  • learn how to report suspected pest sightings or damage to trees that may be a result of pest infestations.

All participants will receive an information packet with fact sheets about the major pest species, a list of host trees that the species may be found on, and other relevant information. When possible, workshops will also include an optional outdoor visit to a site where invasive pests or host trees may be found.

All presentations are free (excepting those that may be part of a larger event that has an admission fee).

Recertification credits
These programs are co-sponsored by Maine Woodland Owners and have been reviewed  and approved for the following recertification credits:

  • Professional CFE credits by the Society of American Foresters. Category 1-CF: 2.0
  • Pesticide Applicator credits by the Board of Pesticides Control: 2.0

Currently Scheduled Presentations
There are currently no presentations scheduled.

 If you would like to attend, host a presentation in your area or get more information about Invasive Forest Pests, please contact your local conservation district.

Upcoming Events
Look for us at the following events (and check back for more) to pick up information, ask questions, and share your experiences!

  • Mar 16 – 18, 2018 – Eastern Maine Sportsmans’ Show in Orono Field House
  • Apr 7 – 8, 2018 – Vacationland RV & Campground Show in Auburn at Norway SAving Bank Arena

For more information and fact sheets about invasive forest pests:

To report a suspected sighting of an invasive pest, contact or (207) 287-2431.

To find local firewood or campwood, visit Firewood Scout at

This material is made possible through a grant from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry and is funded in part by a Cooperative Agreement from the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). The USDA and DACF are equal opportunity providers and employers.