Today’s Browntail Moths are Preparing for Next Year’s Offspring – Toxic Caterpillars

Now is the time to destroy browntail moth eggs in Maine (WGME) — Browntail moths have already begun laying clusters of eggs in fuzzy brown egg sacks that will become next year’s toxic caterpillars. That’s why now is the time to eliminate as many of those egg sacks as possible.

Learn how to identify – and eliminate – the egg sacks by visiting the Maine Forest Service webpage dedicated to this invasive threat.

Rotational Grazing Workshop Offered by Piscataquis County Soil & Water Conservation District

Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District (PCSWCD) will be welcoming 16 working livestock animals – Katahdin sheep, donkeys and goats – to the Law Farm in Dover-Foxcroft. The animals will stay for the summer where they will be moved between pastures as needed to increase soil fertility, implement permaculture practices, and decrease the use of motorized mowing fuel and costs.Want to see how it’s done? Would you like to learn more from an experienced farmer? We are pleased to announce that Wendy Russell from Widdershins Farm LLC will be presenting another Rotational Grazing Workshop on July 26th from 9:30-12pm at the Law Farm to demonstrate the general care and instruction of working livestock sustainably on your land. Wendy will be discussing types of equipment for grazing both cows and sheep, which includes maintaining, transportation and types of equipment that work best. She will also demonstrate how to train the animals, how to move the fence as well as what animals and age groups work best together. Topics will also include watering, shelter needs and the conditions of grass to browse and graze. Wendy will also discuss how often to move, awareness of poisonous plants, wet holes, predators, the public’s safety and insurance. She will give instruction on how to plan your paddock for consecutive moves, start and stop spots for moving animals in and out and containment for catching and loading the animals.

There is a registration fee and space is limited for this workshop. For more information and to register, please contact the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District by visiting the District’s website, or Facebook page, or by calling (207) 564-2321 ext. 3, emailing the District at or by stopping in the District office in the USDA Service Center at 42 Engdahl Drive in Dover-Foxcroft, ME.