Piscataquis County SWCD 2021 Tree & Plant Sale – Pre-order deadline Friday, April 23

Piscataquis County Soil & Water Conservation District (PCSWCD) is happy to announce that the 2021 Tree & Plant Sale has begun and the early birds get the worm! 🐦

This year, PCSWCD’s Tree and Plant Sale pre-order deadline is Friday April 23rd, with a curbside pickup date on Saturday, May 8th from 9AM-12PM at the Law Farm Nature Trails located on Lee Cemetery Rd, Dover-Foxcroft. This is one of PCSWCD’s biggest fundraisers with proceeds from the sale directly supporting our educational programs and outreach.

PCSWCD is very pleased to announce we have sourced all our flowers, herbs, shrubs and fruit trees from local, organic producers. New in 2021, we are adding two new suppliers and even more products! All of our producers are located in Maine and some are very close to home! When you support us, you’ll be supporting them too!

What’s more is when you pick up your plant order on May 8th you will have the chance to speak one-on-one with Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) Soil Scientist, Alaina Kresovik and ask questions about soil health for your garden.

The catalog goes well beyond a listing of trees, shrubs, and plants for sale. Also included is detailed information, planting advice, and wit! To learn more, visit the PCSWCD website .